I am so excited my birthday is Dec. 5th and is coming up really quick ❤ I will finally be 14 🙂 Love it 🙂 sorry this post is short… but im pretty sure none of you want to keep hearing about my silly stuff soo yeah but thanks for taking the time to  read this 🙂

me,(the middle) lil brother (left), moms bf’s son (right)

me,(the middle) lil brother (left), moms bf's son (right)

i love this face… its something like off of the movie ‘scary movie’

Moving again :/

Well I have 8 more days until I’m out of  7th grade which makes me happy….but the sad thing is i have to switch schools again. 😦 I will be going to Chillicothe school :(. I have to make all new friends again :(. This is going to be really hard to do :(. I will servive like i did last time 😦 oh well I just hope people are nice down here.

More About Me and How My Life Is…….

Well I’m 13 and have a very loving, caring, funny boyfriend who is amazing 🙂 My grades are ok i have a C- and that’s the lowest grade I have right now and that’s in math because I got an F on an S.C.A 😦 My little brother was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and my little sister is in soccer. My older step brother Trey just turned 16 on March 12th!!! (He’s soo old lol) My mom is going back to school and granduates in 2013 in April 🙂 She’s doing really good 🙂 My best friend from Teays Valley is Ashley K. and I got an Xbox 360 live!! I got lots of friends off there 🙂 I am happy because i have my own room and walk to school every day with 2 friends and then after school go and play Basketball, Softball, and just being active!! Well thats all love you guys 🙂



I miss lauerlville

😦 I had to move over the summer now at a hole different school district. I hope everyone especially Mr.McGuire has a great year(hahahahaha). I have been in school since August 15th!! I hope everyone down at Lauerlville is having a very wonderful year! I am tired of  middle school drama!! All it is, is BLAH BLAH BLAH! So people who are in sixth grade need to live it up still having recess and having the same schedule every 9 weeks and not worried about the bell ringing and you being late! Here at Teays Valley if you’re in the sixth grade then you’re in the middle school!! Also sixth graders down at Lauerlville you guys need to keep Mr.McGuire in line! Make sure his shirt is on the right way and that its not inside out! Lol! Well bye for now lol



Omg School is Comeing up

I am kind of  happy that school is like right ahead of us and here are some of the reasons why……..

1. Being able to see my friends again:)

2. Learning new stuff 😉

3.Loveing people being around me

4. Seeing old teachers and meeting new ones

5. Mostly haveing a lock on my locker 🙂

Thats all for now ttyl 🙂


My mom

My Mom is Awesome

I look just like her which is a blessing and a curse

But I still love her

My mom is so weird

In a good way

She is fun to be with

unless you get her mad then you want to get as far away as you can

Friends or not??

I thought that we were Great friends

Maybe I was wrong

But maybe I was right

I am just so confused

One moment we are fighting and starting DRAMA

Which I hate

I feel like I start a lot of it

Maybe I do

But for now shes my B.F.F

But maybe only for today

So I am going to live it up!!!!!

Do I think I have Class?

I think that I do have class because I am honest and reliable. I know that I am not a person that if people don’t like me they can’t rely on me but I am still honest with them even if the honesty hurts which it usually does!!I think that I am trust worthy because people tell me a lot of secrets and I haven’t told almost any of them!

My B.F.F  has a lot of class, her name is Megan she helps me through everything and she is the most honest person I know well kinda. Me and her have our ups and downs were she lies to me and I lie to her but thats normal everybody lies every once and a while! She knows if I lie to her and she always asks for the honest truth and than I tell her so personally I think that she has made me turn around and tell the truth a lot more than I did at the beginning of the year!

I think that some people would think of me as a classy person because  I tell the truth a lot more and I think that be think that I am trust worthy. I think that I have a lot more friends because of me being truthful and trust worthy and just being a good friend and just being there for people being my friend or not I am still there!

D.A.R.E Essay

D.A.R.E Essay

There are two different definitions for D.A.R.E

Drug                                  Define

Abuse                              Assess

Resistance                      Respond

Education                       Evaluate

We had lots of work sheets in our D.A.R.E booklets and my favorite is all of them but if I had to chose one it would be the Peer Pressure, because it had all of the types of Peer Pressure which is:

heavy, is like saying you don’t smoke,drink,or do drugs so you aren’t one of us!

friendly, is like saying hows your day going? want a cigarette,beer, or marijuana!

Positive, is like someone coming up to you asking if you want a cigarette,beer, or marijuana and your friend says come on lets go!

Indirected, is when someone tells you to meet them somewhere and then they will probably ask you if you want a cigarette,beer, or marijuana

teasing, is like here you go you’re not a chicken are you?

The very first thing we did in D.A.R.E is wrote down the things we like to do and here is some of the things i put down Play softball,Skateboard,Play soccer,.Dance,Sing I couldn’t do most of this any more if I smoked anything or did drugs or alcohol!

The effects of Marijuana can hurt you a lot when you use it. Smoking it can cause breathing problems and people who use it have more colds and upper respiratory problems. Marijuana affects the way your brain works and the way your body works some examples are short-term memory loss,loss of ability to concentrate and slows down your coordination. It can be very addictive and there is more tar in it than tobacco. It also increases cancer risks and contains 50% to 70% more of some cancer causing chemicals than tobacco smoke!!

I pledge that I will not do drugs and will not use alcohol or smoke!I also pledge to not give in to peer pressure or letting my friend or any one else tell me that this is cool and that everyone else is doing it.I pledge to do the right thing and that right thing is to say NO!